Total denim look

May 14, 2017

Hello, beautiful! How are you? 💚
A week later, I'm going to update you on my 'laptop situation'; it's still broken and there's no possible way it can be fixed. Therefore, I'm stealing everybody's computer so that I can put a post or a video up... I'll let you know how this nightmare evolves but for now and sadly, I hope you can understand that I might not be able to post more than two times per week. 😞

It is incredible how we take things for granted and never realise how the simplest things make our lifes easier. And losing such an important tool has made me take much more care of the rest of my equipment (please camera, don't follow my compute's path. At least for now. Thank you.).

So... treasure your phone, your desk table, your computer, your pens collection... Everything you have. Because even though those are just things, they cost time and money and trust me, you don't want to be asking your friends to borrow their laptops.

Hope you enjoy today's outfit, a total denim look paired with leopard print slippers and a beautiful white blouse. Can't wait to fill the jacket with lots of patches!

Your turn! How was your week? Do you like total denim looks? 😛

Is it really spring time?

May 7, 2017

Hello, beautiful! How was your week? 💚
Mine was pretty good until I had to deal with some technical difficulties... My laptop (aka, one of the most important tools in my life) stopped working and it seems like there's no possible way to fix it. 
So yes, I'm writing this in a laptop that's not mine and it is getting truly hard to edit videos, photos, create content... when you have to use other people's equipment. 

It's okay, I'll start saving as much money as I can and wait for Black Friday 2017 😂

Let's talk about something more interesting; today's outfit! Sun has blessed us with its presence this weekend so I had to wear a skirt (first time this year!) and a gorgeous bohemian blouse. Buf my favorite thing from this look are the rings, they're so beautiful and vintage looking even though I got them from Zaful a few weeks ago!

Your turn! Let me know If you've already worn a skirt or a pair of shorts! Is it hot where you live? 🌞

Hola, bello humano! ¿Qué tal te ha ido la semana? 💜
A mi me iba bastante bien hasta que mi portátil decidió dejar de funcionar. Y teniendo en cuenta que es una de las herramientas más importantes de mi vida... es un fastidio. Sobretodo porque esta vez no parece tener arreglo.
Asi que estoy escribiendo esto desde el ordenador de otra persona (gracias!), lo que complica bastante poder editar vídeos, fotos o crear contenido en general cuando quiera y como quiera.
A partir de ahora tendré que empezar a ahorrar todo lo que pueda y esperar ansiosa el Black Friday de este año. 😜
Hablemos de algo realmente interesante; el outfit de hoy! Este fin de semana de verdad parecía que estamos en primavera asi que aproveché a poner una falda (primera vez en todo el año!) y una preciosa blusa con aspecto boho. Aunque lo mejor de todo son los anillos, que tienen un aspecto muy vintage aunque los cogí en Zaful hace menos de dos semanas. 👌
Tu turno! ¿Ya has ido con las piernas al aire? ¿Hace calorcito donde vives?
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