My 10-step korean beauty routine

September 21, 2017

Hello everybody!
It is time to talk a bit about skin care. I've been taking care of my skin since I was very young thanks to my mom, who told me how to clean and moisturize my face. I never thought I would be so interested in this topic, to be honest, but lately I've been discovering different products and techniques to nourish my skin and i've been getting more and more excited to try out new products and start being more conscious about my skin and its needs.

By doing some research, I came across a routine called 'the 10-step korean skincare routine'. At first I thought: those are A LOT of steps! But as I got into the topic, I found videos and product reviews that conviced me to try out this (not so new) trend.

So, today, I will be sharing not only the products that I use for this routine but also my experience and how (and when) I use them. Hope you enjoy!

korean skincare routine

Aliexpress smartphone cases wishlist | BQ Aquaris

September 18, 2017

Hello, everybody!

I don't know if you knew this but I own a BQ Aquaris X5 Plus smartphone, I'm in love with it and I wouldn't change it for any other (yet). But there's one thing that seems impossible to find for this phone: cute phone cases

I found some online and local stores that sell clear plastic cases (for a very expensive price) but I wanted to buy some cool and crazy ones, like if I were an iPhone user :P
So I searched on Aliexpress and... guess what? I found many more than I thought I would! So, here are a few phone cases that I really like and hope to buy in the near future.

Hope you enjoy the selection and I also hope this post helps you find some affordable cute cases for your BQ (or any other smartphone).

1, 2 1.46€ (here) | 3 1.46€ (here) | 4 1.62€ (here) | 5 1.70€ (here)

Postcards from Cantabria

September 10, 2017


This summer I got to explore a bit of Cantabria (Spain) and I felt in love in the very first moment I saw one of the places we were going to visit; Noja. It is unbelieveable that this beautiful place is located only a few hours away from home!

The things that impressed me the most were the long beaches and how almost blue the water is. Dreamlike. Luckily the weather was so nice and we could explore even more than expected!
From the mashes to the miles long beaches, there's a lot of beauty and nature in every corner.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Cantabria, I highly suggest you go to: Noja, Santoña and/or Isla. I can't wait to go back ♥

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