The wrap dress

July 27, 2017

Hello, beautiful! How's the week going?

I've been filming a summer lookbook for two weeks now and since the last location was this beautiful, I thought of sharing with you a bit of a spoiler of the place and one of the looks I wore.

I present to you the trendiest type of dress this summer: the wrap dress. It looks gorgeous on everybody and the pattern makes your day better but there's one thing I can't get over: the fitting. No matter what I do, they always fit me loose in the neckline area.

Your turn! Do you like wrap dresses? 

Dress - Romwe (here)
Vestido - Romwe (aquí)

Stationery giveaway!

July 24, 2017

Hello, beautiful!

I have a small surprise for you today: a stationery giveaway!
You know how much I love notebooks, pens, washi tape, markers... and I realized lots of you do love them too! So, thanks to I'm giving away a beautiful set. Keep reading to know more.

Hola, bello humano!
Hoy os traigo una sorpresa: un sorteo de papelería!
Últimamente al hablaros tanto de lo mucho que me gustan los cuadernos, rotuladores, washi tapes, lápices... me he dado cuenta de que a muchos de vosotros también os encanta el mundo de la papelería y la organización.

Así que gracias a, os puedo ofrecer este maravilloso sorteo en el que un afortunado ganador se puede llevar este maravilloso set:

Click here to enter the giveaway
Clic aquí para entrar en el sorteo

Good luck!
Mucha suerte!

My new haircut!

July 20, 2017

Hello, beautiful! 
If you follow me on Instagram (@wwonderlandia) you might now this already but: I cut my hair!!
And I cut it more that I thought I'd do. 
The misunderstandings between me and hairstylists are endless. Does this happen to you too? I went to the hair salon convinced that I wanted to get bangs and cut the ends a bit so that my hair could still grow healthy. Well... this was the final look. I now, it looks nothing like the first idea but I'm starting to like it, specially when I put it in a bun! 😂

Fun ways to fill your empty notebooks

July 17, 2017

Hello beautiful! 💖
If you've been following me for a long time, you know how much I love notebooks, colorful pens, washi tape... and stationery in general. And one of the things I 'struggle' with (I wish all of the problems in my life were like this one) is not knowing how to fill the amount of notebooks I have.

I love minimal notebooks, notebooks with patterns, cute notebooks, big or small notebooks... I own too many and most of them are empty so I thought to myself a few days ago: you better start thinking of interesting topics because all this trees died because of stationery lovers like me. 

So, I came out with a few fun ideas to fill your notebooks, let me know wich one is your favourite and let's begin!

how to fill your notebooks

How to organize the perfect birthday party

July 9, 2017

Hello, beautiful! 🌟
I think summer is the season in wich more birthdays happen. Don't you think? They might not be only birthdays but with a warmer weather, we all want to spend some quality time with friends and/or family celebrating something or nothing at all. 
I'm a big fan of organizing partys and small events, I'm also very bossy so those situations are a cup of tea to me 😂

Who doesn't love a good organized outdoors party? If you don't, well, this post might not be for you. Sorry. 

Let's get started with some tips on how to organize the perfect (birthday) party! 🎁🎉

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